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SAMS VAPE GRAPE XTREM ICE FROZEN 60ML mixture of red and green grapes in the base, with soft touches of blue and red berries with ice
شارك الفيب مع اصدقائك



Taste the Frozen Grape Extrem flavor from Sam’s Vape, which is one of the best and most popular ice grape flavors throughout the Middle East. A mixture of red and green grapes in the base, with soft touches of blue and red berries, added to them with an icy cold breeze to leave you refreshed all the time and want more.

GRAPE XTREM FROZEN flavor GRAPE ICE flavor is the perfect choice and the best-selling in

Grape Berry Ice FLAVOR

GRAPE XTREM Ice flavor is a mixture of riped Grape with blue and red berries. VG/PG 70/30

Introducing our premium range of free base e-liquids, designed to deliver a satisfying vaping experience with a delightful variety of flavors. With options available in both 3mg and 6mg free-base nicotine, our e-liquids meet a wide range of preferences and nicotine requirements.

Bottle size: 60 ml

Available in nicotine: 3 mg

We take our customers’ health and safety very seriously and practice exceptional care and cleanliness during the manufacturing process. Our max VG e-liquid is manufactured and bottled in a meticulously clean ISO certified facility. Securing all product, we’ve implemented child-safe caps on each bottle so children cannot access their contents. We also use the best quality ingredients in our liquids to ensure the best possible vaping experience for our customers.

سامز فيب نكهة جريب اكستريم ايس فروزن 60 مل | sams vape Grape Xtrem frozen 60ml bottle

نكهات سامز فيب 60 مل | sams vape 60ml poster


Notes : Use these flavors on pods, coils, for POD MODs . It will not give you the best result if you use this flavor on pods, coils, to pull the BOX MODs.

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Additional information

الحجم: 60ML

مستوى النيكوتين: 3MG


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