VGOD Iced Purple Bomb Salt Nicotine


VGOD Iced Purple Bomb Salt nicotine is a satisfying ice grape indulgence grapes with a candied grape confection for an extra sweet
شارك الفيب مع اصدقائك
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فيقود عنب بارد متفجر 60 مل شعار

VGOD Iced Purple Bomb Salt Nicotine

VGOD Purple Bomb Iced SaltNic incorporates the finest crisp Concord ice grapes with a candied grape confection for an extra sweet and in your face mix. This incredibly sweet journey through grapeness culminates with a satisfying mentholated frosty finish. VGOD’s Purple Bomb Iced SaltNic is a satisfying grape menthol indulgence! Get VGOD’s Purple Bomb Iced in 25mg or 50mg nicotine strengths for low wattage refillable pod devices only.

فيقود عنب ايس سولت نيكوتين 30 مل Vgod iced purple bomb salt nicotine 30ml


25 mg 50 mg

Size : 30ml


Notes : Use these flavors on pods, coils, for POD MODs . It will not give you the best result if you use this flavor on pods, coils, to pull the BOX MODs.

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Additional information

الحجم: 30ML

مستوى النيكوتين: 25MG



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