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BLACK NOTE CAVENDISH SALT NICOTINE 30ML is a testament to the art of tobacco crafting. Derived from dark, ripe Virginia tobacco
شارك الفيب مع اصدقائك
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The Essence of Cavendish Salt Nicotine From Black Note Tobacco

Our Cavendish salt nicotine Tobacco is a testament to the art of tobacco crafting. Derived from dark, ripe Virginia tobacco, this blend is both aromatic and naturally sweet. We treat the leaves through a centuries-old process that includes precision priming, oak-barrel curing, and steaming. This meticulous method results in a tobacco of rich, intense flavor and an unmistakable aroma.

Cavendish: A Unique Tobacco Process

Cavendish tobacco is not just a type but a creation born from a specific process applied to Virginia tobacco. This process transforms the tobacco, giving it a brilliant intensity and a rich, deep taste. The dark, ripe leaves of Virginia tobacco are first steam-treated and then cured in oak barrels, a method that enhances the tobacco’s natural sweetness and robust flavor.

Black Note Salt Nicotine (Nicotine Salt):

    • Perfect for a more intense nicotine hit.
    • Best used with Ultra-Low Wattage & Pod-Based Systems.
    • Ideal for Mouth-To-Lung (MTL) Devices.
    • Higher resistance coils (0.8Ω or higher).
    • Recommended power level: Do not exceed 15 watts.

بلاك نوت كافنديش سولت نيكوتين 30 مل عبوه | BLACK NOTE CAVENDISH SALT NICOTINE 30ML bottles

Premium Ingredients for a Superior Vaping Journey

Our Tobacco E-Liquid is crafted with a focus on purity and quality. The natural tobacco extract we use delivers an authentic cigarette flavor, reminiscent of traditional smoking. Our freebase nicotine, extracted from tobacco leaves, not only meets but exceeds EP/USP standards, ensuring a superior and clean vaping experience. This commitment reflects our dedication to providing a healthier, more natural alternative for vapers.

  • Natural Tobacco Extract: Extracted from organic tobacco leaves for a complex and satisfying taste.
  • Freebase Nicotine: Sourced from tobacco leaves, exceeding EP/USP standards for purity.
  • Vegetable Glycerin (VG): USP Kosher Certified and FU certified, ensuring high purity.
  • Propylene Glycol (PG): Highest grade, USP Kosher Certified with a minimum purity of 99.7%.
  • Purified Water: Used for a clean vaping experience.
  • Benzoic acid: A key additive in nicotine salts, lowering the solution’s pH to enhance nicotine protonation, solubility, flavor stability, vaping satisfaction, and throat hit while extending shelf life.

Historical Origins of Cavendish Salt nicotine

The story of Cavendish tobacco is steeped in history and legend. Several accounts trace its origins back to the 16th century, involving the voyages of Sir Thomas Cavendish in 1585. One popular tale recounts how Sir Thomas, in an attempt to preserve his tobacco supply, infused it with dark rum. He then tightly rolled the leaves, binding them with sail canvas and twine.

This unexpected method not only preserved the tobacco but also enhanced its flavor, leading to a sweeter, mellower smoke with an aromatic fragrance. This serendipitous discovery marked the beginning of the double fermentation process used to create Cavendish tobacco.

The Accidental Invention of Cavendish salt nicotine

Another intriguing story suggests that Cavendish tobacco was born out of an accident. It is said that during one of Lord Cavendish’s voyages, barrels of fire-cured Virginia tobacco got wet, resulting in the tobacco turning black after weeks in the hot summer weather. Surprisingly, this mishap led to an enticing aroma.

The over-fermentation, caused by the water interacting with the tobacco’s natural sugars, prevented mold formation while enhancing the tobacco’s aroma and color. Lord Cavendish, despite being reimbursed for the damaged tobacco, found that he could sell this uniquely black and aromatic tobacco. Since this accidental discovery, we have replicated the process with various types of tobacco to produce the Cavendish blend known today.

The Artisanal Journey of Black Note’s Natural Tobacco E-Liquids

At Black Note, we infuse the essence of traditional winemaking and premium brewing into the crafting of our natural tobacco e-liquids. Our philosophy mirrors that of a master vintner or a renowned brewer, focusing on patience, passion, and the use of only the finest ingredients. This philosophy is the cornerstone of our process in developing Black Note’s authentic natural cigarette taste of our tobacco e-liquids.

Drawing inspiration from the Italian Slow Food Movement, Black Note emphasizes the importance of time-honored methods and natural ingredients in producing our e-liquids. We utilize genuine, organic tobacco leaves, steering clear of synthetic additives and chemically altered substances. This method guarantees a vaping experience that’s as authentic as it is enjoyable. To discover the details of our elaborate 9-step production process

Embracing Healthier Vaping Standards

At Black Note, health and purity are paramount. Our Cavendish tobacco E-Liquid is crafted without artificial flavors, sweeteners, or synthetic nicotine. We use Naturally Extracted Tobacco (N.E.T) to maintain the purity of the flavor and ensure a safe inhalation experience. Adhering to the highest safety standards, our products are free from harmful compounds like Diacetyl and Acrolein. This e-liquid offers a refined taste, providing a genuine tobacco flavor without the harmful effects of traditional smoking.

Learn More About The Cavendish Salt Nicotine Tobacco

The Rich Legacy of Cavendish Tobacco: A Journey Through Aroma and History

Zero Percent Nicotine Products Disclaimer/Warning: While crafted with care, our zero percent nicotine e-liquids may contain trace amounts of nicotine. If advised to avoid nicotine, please consult your healthcare provider.

بلاك نوت كافنديش سولت نيكوتين 30 مل | blacknote cavendish salt nicotine 30ml

Please Note

Not For Sub-Ohm Use: Not For use in devices that reach sub-ohm resistance.

Device Recommendation: Ultra-Low Wattage & Pod-Based System (Mouth-To-Lung Devices).

Coil: MTL coil with a resistance of 1.0 ohms or higher.

Recommended Power Level: Do not exceed 18 watts.

SIZE : 30ml

PGVG : 50/50

NICOTINE : 35mg, 50mg


Notes : Use these flavors on pods, coils, for POD MODs . It will not give you the best result if you use this flavor on pods, coils, to pull the BOX MODs (SUB OHM).

Also check out the SALT NICOTINE flavors if you have a cigarette POD SYSTEM.

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Additional information

الحجم: 30ML

مستوى النيكوتين: 30MG



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