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JAM MONSTER PB Grape 100ML sweet and savory grape vape juice combines the salty, creamy flavour of peanut butter spread
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JAM MONSTER PB & Grape Vape 100ML

Grape Peanut butter

If you’re a fan of peanut butter & jelly, then PB & Grape Jam Monster is a flavour you absolutely MUST try! This sweet and savory grape vape juice combines the salty, creamy flavour of peanut butter spread over buttered toast with a kick of sweet grape jelly. A limited edition in the Jam Monster series, we really hit the nail on the head with this one!

نكهة جام مونستر عنب فول سوداني 100 مل فيب | jam monster pb grape 100ml

• Capacity: 100mL Unicorn Bottle
• PG: 25%
• VG: 75%
• Child Resistant Cap
• Made in USA

جام مونستر 100 مل | jam monster 100ml

jam monster vape juice

jam monster website

In 2016, Monster Vape Labs set out to make the highest-quality e-liquid in the cleanest, most technologically advanced manufacturing facility in the world – and succeeded. Today, Monster Vape Labs leads the industry in quality standardization from our ISO and GMP-certified facility in Orlando, FL.

Our approach has changed the e-liquid game, delivering an even more enjoyable and smooth flavor experience for adults of legal age, all while giving them the support needed to move away from combustible cigarettes. Even better, Monster Vape Labs produces the best-tasting e-liquid out there, with flavor profiles ranging from sweet to savory, bold to fruity, and everything in between. Our superior e-liquids and disposable devices are perfect for everyday vaping, offering a truly premium experience for every kind of customer!


Notes : Use these flavors on pods, coils, for POD MODs . It will not give you the best result if you use this flavor on pods, coils, to pull the BOX MODs.

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Additional information

مستوى النيكوتين: 3MG


الحجم: 100ML


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