RUTHLESS - Ez Duz It روثلس - از داز ات سولت نك
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روثلس - از داز ات سولت نك

روثلس - از داز ات سولت نك

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Ez Duz It is a fan-favorite among our devoted Ruthless Fans from all across the world. Ez Duz It is a mouthwatering explosion of fruity flavors that consists of ripe strawberries and juicy watermelons. The pure simplicity of the flavor will make an easy all day vape for any vape enthusiasts. Our culinary trained mixologists have carefully blended strawberry and watermelon flavors to make a well-balanced and easy going e-liquid. Our specially formulated nicotine salt will give you an incredibly smooth throat hit made specifically for low wattage pod systems. On the inhale, you’ll notice the soft sweetness from the strawberries and as you exhale, the juicy watermelon flavor will leave you refreshed and ready for more. If you’re looking for a simple fruit flavor that is sweet but not overpowering, then this e-juice is perfect for you. Simple yet flavorful, Ez Duz It.

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