vladdin - vladdin re kit فلاداين - فلاداين ري كيت

vladdin - vladdin re kit فلاداين - فلاداين ري كيت

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vladdin - vladdin re kit فلاداين - فلاداين ري كيت

The VLADDIN Closed Pod Vaping Kit is an innovative prefilled closed vaping system. Instead of refilling e-liquids into VLADDIN pod, you replace it with a new one when the e-liquids is consumed. It’s an assured way of keeping the e-liquids from being contaminated and saving you trouble filling e-liquids. VLADDIN uses selected US and Canadian imported nicotine salts e-liquids which is FDA approved.

Vladdin Pod System Kit - 350mAh   


Product Information

The VLADDIN Closed Pod Vaping Kit is an innovative prefilled closed vaping system. Instead of refilling e-liquids into VLADDIN pod, you replace it with a new one when the e-liquids is consumed. It’s an assured way of keeping the e-liquids from being contaminated and saving you trouble filling e-liquids. VLADDIN uses selected US and Canadian imported nicotine salts e-liquids which is FDA approved. 

Compared with cores made of cotton and wires adopted by regular electronic cigarettes, VLADDIN uses patented multi-hole ceramic as the filling and heating materials, which enables it to enlarge the heating area and restore the original flavor of e-liquids while maintaining the heating efficiency.

The powerful output from this tiny battery kit attributes to VLADDIN’s built-in nano-coating booster chipset with the maximum output reaching 12W. Its consistent power output ensures the rich and satisfactory sensation of VLADDIN. 



  •    Improving the Durability and Insulation Performance
  •    Improvement of Spill-proof Function
  •    Battery Capacity is 350mAh, longer battery life
  •    Original American's Flavor, more tobacco taste


Vladdin Cartridge



Resistance Range

 1.2 ohm -1.5ohm

Vladdin Base


19.04mm x 11.4mm x 90.32mm

Output Voltage


Charging Current

0.2V - 0.4V

Battery Capacity


Maximum Output Wattage


Resistance Range

 1.2ohm -1.5ohm



Package Included

Standard Edition

n   1 x Vladdin Base

n   1 x 50mg Vladdin Cartridge (SaltNix Northern Flavor)

n   1 x USB Cable

n   1 x User Manual


TPD Edition

n   1 x Vladdin Base

n   1 x 18mg Vladdin Cartridge (SaltNix Northern Flavor)

n   1 x USB Cable

n   1 x User Manual

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